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We missed seeing all of you this year! Things just are not the same without getting the chance to connect with our colleagues face-to-face. Until it is safe for us to be together again, let’s stay in touch!
While we couldn’t enjoy the full conference experience, we will bring the Xylem tradeshow experience to you! Check out how our team is here to support your needs.
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Manual sample preparation is time-consuming and can negatively impact lab efficiency and data quality. Flow analysis automates both simple and complex, multi-step analysis procedures requiring in-line sample preparation. Improve workflow with OI Analytical’s flow chemistry analyzers, providing the capability to run multiple flow methods simultaneously.

Historically, nutrient analysis of samples was a very manual and time-consuming process requiring the user to manually mix dangerous chemicals in test tubes and beakers to allow for the detection of specific analytes. CFAs provide a solution to automate this process to safely and easily increase throughput for your nutrient monitoring. The FS3700 is a simple solution that provides confidence in your results for your nutrient monitoring needs.


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Fundamentals of the PFPD

   Fundamnetals of PFPD 

Selective detection of compounds with GC analysis is highly valuable for the Oil and Gas as well as environmental industries and has become a standard technique in laboratories. The highly sensitive, OI analytical PFPD GC Detector provides selective detection of sulfur and phosphorus compounds, and can also be configured to detect many other elements of interest offering the user added flexibility. Similar to the Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) but with a proprietary design, to offer increased signal to noise, better selectivity as well as detection limits.

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Opti Refractometer

Xylem Lab GCC - Enter to Win a Refractometer!
Refractive index measurements have become commonplace within the petrochemical industry because of their ability to quickly and reliably determine key parameters for samples of interest. Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, has a long-standing history of producing high precision refractometers and polarimeters in easy to use packages.
This blog describes the use of the RFM900-T Series of refractometer which allows the user to automatically calculate data that will meet the standard test methods such as ASTM D 2140 that describes “Standard Practice for Calculating Carbon-Type Composition of Insulating Oils of Petroleum Origin.”

Enter to win the brand new Bellingham + Stanley OPTI-M handheld refractometer this handheld has the ability to measure a wide range of concentrations with 50 built-in scales and 3 different channels giving the user flexibility in an easy-to-use device.

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Karl Fischer Titration for Biodiesel      

   If you want to learn about Karl Fischer determination of water level in Biodiesel you can read more about it on our blog here. Where you can also find our application note on how that determination is done here.


We all know water and oil don’t mix but for petroleum and gas products too much water can be detrimental to the consumers who use those contaminated products. Karl Fischer is the method that can provide extreme precision in measurements and the reproducibility that you need to feel confident in the products that are sold.
If you want to learn about Karl Fischer determination of water level in Biodiesel you can read more about it here. Or you can also read our application note on how the determination is completed! 
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More From Jason...

                                                  What will you miss most about the GC conference this year?
The happy hours! (just kidding… sort of) I miss connecting with our current customers who stop Jason Mote, Xylem Labby the booth and meeting new folks that want to know more about Xylem Lab Solutions. GCC is always a great event to learn about current events in the petro-chem sector and learn about new techniques and technology for petrochemical analysis. We always have great success at this tradeshow and it’s one I look forward to every year.
How have you been passing time during quarantine?
Spending time with family and our two dogs. My wife and I have been cycling a lot more and have really enjoyed our time riding the bike paths around our area and finding new places to explore on our bikes around Houston. 

More From Hank...

                                                 What will you miss most about the GC conference this year?
Hank HahnNot being able to interact with attendees and serving our existing clients. GCC is a diverse group of attendees and I enjoy sharing information on our products and benefits to meet their needs.
How have you been passing time during quarantine?
Staying in contact with our valued customers and providing virtual presentations as needed. On a personal note, during the quarantine, I've been spending time with my boxer puppy and finding great craft beers on-line. 

More From Kenneth... 

                                                What will you miss most about the GC conference this year?
Kenneth Webb, Xylem Lab
I will miss networking with the Gulf Coast Chemical community and the education received through the technical programs/training courses.
How have you been passing time during quarantine?
I have been working on my skills via self-improvement videos, and have
been spending more time with family and doing home improvement projects. 
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Who Doesn't Love Conference Giveaways?

Xylem GCC Giveaway 2020

Test your OI Analytical, a Xylem Brand, knowledge with some trivia! We are giving away Amazon Echo Dots to the first 10 people who answer the questions correctly! No worries if you don’t know the answer - you can find answers to all questions here

Meet Your Team!

Jason Mote, Xylem Lab Sales Specialist
Jason is considered a Xylem Lab Expert in all laboratory brands -- including YSI, OI Analytical, SI Analytics, Gerhardt, and Bellingham + Stanley!

Hank Hahn, Xylem Lab Solutions

You can contact Hank about any Chromatography, TOC Analyzers, or Automated Chemistry Analyzers you might have! 


Kenneth Webb, Xylem Lab Sales Specialist

Contact Kenneth Webb if you have any questions about our Bellingham + Stanley or Gerhardt product offerings, i.e., Refractometers, Polarimeters, TKN analysis (Nitrogen), Digestion, and steam distillation instruments, Hydrolysis + Extraction equipment, Fiber Analysis (NDF and ADF).

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