TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

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Cost-effective and compact, use Gerhardt's TURBOSOG with any KJELDATHERM or TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems to remove and neutralize acid fumes.

  • Overview

    Gerhardt’s powerful fume scrubber efficiently removes and neutralizes acid fumes. The two-step process optimizes fume extraction and because no activated carbon filters are used, the system is virtually maintenance free. Cost-effective and compact, the TURBOSOG can also be used with the KJELDATHERM and TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems.

    TURBOSOG Features:

    • Two-step process
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Cost-effective and compact

  • Specifications
    General Specifications  


    Dimensions W / D / H [mm] 330 / 450 / 420
    Weight [kg] 19
    Nominal voltage [V] 230 / 115
    Frequency [Hz] 50 - 60 / 60
    Nominal wattage [W] 205

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