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Gerhardt is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of analysis systems for food and animal feed, raw materials, and plant matter. Basic products for laboratory work and services for all aspects of our products round out our range. We represent reliability and precision, long-lasting partnerships, flexibility, and continuous service orientation - since 1846.

Gerhardt Laboratory Equipment automates laboratory processes, reduces error rate, and improves occupational safety with advanced equipment. Each industry must comply with different regulatory standards, but all labs share one thing: the need to trust reliable equipment. Gerhardt offers cost-effective device solutions for labs in almost every industry. 

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Trace Metal Digestion Unit

Block Digestion System for Sludge, Soil, & Sediment Samples

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TURBOTHERM Rapid Digestion System

Infrared Heating Digestion System

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Classic Laboratory Hot Plates

6 Individually-Controlled Lab Heaters

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LABOSHAKE Heavy-Load Shaker

20 to 200 rpm Laboratory Shaker

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THERMOSHAKE Incubator Shaker

Powerful Incubator Shaker

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Crude Fiber Analysis

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COD Digestion Unit

Instrument for Chemical Oxygen Demand Determination

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SOXTHERM Soxhlet Extraction System

Fast, very versatile, Soxhlet Extraction System that provides reliable and consistent analysis results

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Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus

Fat Determination Instrument Using HCI Hydrolysis

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Classic Distillation Apparatus

Manual Kjeldahl Distillation Process 

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Highly efficient combustion analyzer for nitrogen and protein determination. 

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TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

Fume Removal and Neutralizer

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