Gas Chromatography (GC) Systems

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Are you searching for a fully integrated system to help with your challenging analytical application? Our Instruments can help! 

OI Analytical is proud to offer complete gas chromatography systems to fit your analysis. Whether you are analyzing BTEX, other aromatic compounds, or VOCs, we can help. From sample introduction and sample concentration to catalytic conversion and detection, we have a solution. 

Customize whatever system you choose for your specific application, and pair it with one of our selective GC detectors, sample introduction instruments, and an autosampler! 

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VOC Analysis System

Drinking-Water VOC Analysis System

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Pesticide Analysis System

Custom Pesticide Analyzer

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BTEX/GRO Analysis System

Preconfigured GC System for BTEX analysis methods 

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5320 Fluorinated By-Products Analyzer (FBA)

The FBA 5320 is a laboratory fluorinated by-products analyzer (FBA) designed to quantify total fluorinated contaminants in samples

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S-PRO 3200 GC System for Sulfur Analysis

Custom gas chromatograph for selective, high-sensitivity measurement of sulfur compounds

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VPH Analysis System

Patented Preconfigured Combination GC System for VPH Analysis

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