Gas Chromatography (GC) Systems

Selective GC Detectors for Challenging Analytical Applications

 OI Analytical’s selective GC detectors provide solutions to challenging analytical applications. Detecting sulfur species in petrochemicals, trace levels of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in food samples, or sulfur and aromatic compounds in flavor and fragrance extracts are prime examples of applications that benefit from the use of selective GC detectors. Compatible detectors are available for current models of GC instruments manufactured by Agilent, Bruker, Shimadzu, Thermo, and PerkinElmer.

System VOC

The System VOC is a fully integrated, high-performance GC system available from OI Analytical for analyzing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water and soil. This complete state-of-the-art system extracts VOCs from a representative sample, chromatographically separates, and selectively detects target compounds following specifi c regulatory methods. The System VOC is configured with a tandem PID/ELCD for analyzing halogenated and aromatic species found in USEPA Methods 601/602 and 502.2. Many regulatory methods specify using PID/ELCD tandem detectors for VOC analysis. Systems delivered in the U.S. also include installation and setup.

System VPH

The System VPH is a complete package tailored to measure aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons in environmental samples using the Massachusetts VPH and similar methods. This affordable system can also be customized for analyzing BTEX and other aromatic compounds, volatile gasoline range organics (GRO), and volatile diesel range organics (DRO). The System VPH and System BTEX are identical to the System VOC but is customized for analyzing aromatics and aliphatics by using the reasonably-priced tandem PID/FID detector combination. The PID and FID detectors installed in series using OI Analytical’s patented tandem configuration generate simultaneous aliphatic and aromatic chromatograms in a single analysis. The PID/FID is the required detector for many regulatory methods such as USEPA Method 8015, Massachusetts VPH, and many GRO methods. Like the System VOC, many methods in use in the world specify PID/ FID tandem detectors for VOC methods

Purge & Trap AutoSamplers

OI Analytical offers a full range of AutoSamplers for use with the System VOC, System VPH, and System BTEX including the Model 4551A Water AutoSampler, Model 4552 Water/Soil AutoSampler, and AMPS six-port, on-line, continuous multipoint sampler

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VOC Analysis System

Preconfigured GC System for VOC Analysis

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BTEX Analysis System

Preconfigured GC System for BTEX analysis methods 

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Pesticide Analysis System

Custom Pesticide Analyzer

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S-PRO 3200 GC System for Sulfur Analysis

Custom gas chromatograph for selective, high-sensitivity measurement of sulfur compounds

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5320 Fluorinated By-Products Analyzer (FBA)

The FBA 5320 is a laboratory fluorinated by-products analyzer (FBA) designed to quantify total fluorinated contaminants in samples

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VPH Analysis System

Patented Preconfigured Combination GC System for VPH Analysis

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