GC Sample Introduction | Purge and Trap Concentrator

Maximize your laboratory’s efficiency and investment with OI Analytical’s state of the art Gas Chromatography (GC) Systems. We offer a line of fully integrated, advanced GC systems, and sample introduction systems. Our portfolio includes turnkey GC systems with a variety of selective detectors and automated purge and trap sample introduction instruments.  

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LV-20 Standards Addition Module

Precise injection module for the 4551A

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4100 Water and Soil Sample Processor

100-vial water and soil sample processor

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4551A Purge and Trap Autosampler

Water autosampler for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis

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4760 Eclipse Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator

Fully compatible with all of the methods, protocols, and auto-requirements, the Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator provides fast, accurate results with industry-leading performance.

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