Charged Particle Detectors

Charged Particle Detectors from OI Analytical

Looking for simple, yet reliable technology? We've got you covered! 

We created the IonCCD by adding a conductive layer to a photosensitive CCD, a detector using the robust yet simple technology you trust in your smartphone and digital camera. The conductive layer blocks out photons but will respond to all particles that are carrying a charge.

The IonCCD is optimized for the detection of positive ions having a wide range of particle energies; from thermalized ions that you can find in drift tube and soft landing experiments, to accelerated ions in mobility and mass spectrometers.  As a true charge detector, the signal response of the IonCCD is independent of the energy of the impacting particle, its mass, and the incident angle. The 2126 detector elements (pixels) of the IonCCD will present you with pictures of ions in unsurpassed resolution.

The IonCCD sensor comes on a ceramic substrate to reduce outgassing in vacuum applications, and is enclosed in protective aluminum housing for safe handling and easy mounting. The complete IDS 2030 includes a camera controller, the IonCCD sensor, a power supply, and cables. It is shipped in an airtight instrument case for easy storage and safe transport.

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