Xylem Provides Support During COVID-19

Xylem Provides Support During COVID-19

Service exams are important for a number of reasons. Proper maintenance routines extend product health and product lifespan, ensures laboratory safety, and efficient sample times. Every piece of laboratory equipment requires different levels of maintenance and inspection, and it is important all lab staff members are familiar with the maintenance requirements for each unit.

As you are returning to the laboratory, it is important to inspect your equipment and ensure everything is operating efficiently. If you find that your machines are not running properly, but aren’t sure where to begin, Doug Toschlog, Service Team Supervisor, and Melvin Weber, Customer Service Manager provided a brief overview of the different service options Xylem offers. Use their descriptions of each service offering as a guide to decide where to start.

Xylem offers…

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Checks:

PM’s are for anyone needing consumable parts replaced or operational verification to ensure performance. We recommend that laboratories have 1-3 PM’s completed every year; however, this heavily depends on the individual instrument. If your laboratory is running multiple samples a day, is heavily used, or in a specific industry, it may make more sense to schedule PMs more frequently.

Bench Repairs:

If pieces of your instrument are broken or needs repair, our bench technicians can help you resolve the issue. We will troubleshoot the unit and check the instrument against all manufacturing specs to ensure proper performance.


If you have recently bought a new Xylem instrument for your laboratory, our customer service team is more than happy to partner with you for the installation process. Our installation offering includes a complete installation of your new product(s), confirmation that your instrument is set-up properly, and a detailed walk-through of the instrument. During this process, we will train and familiarize your laboratory staff, if necessary, on the new unit and identify things to look for when operating the machine. Formal training and familiarization with the equipment to ensure your laboratory maximizes the value of your investment.

Annual Contracts:

For long-standing Xylem customers, our service department offers annual contracts to ensure your laboratory equipment continues to operate efficiently. Our service contracts include PM visits, emergency on-site visits, and any needed bench repairs.

Field Repair:  

If you decide against purchasing or renewing a service contract, Xylem offers field repairs on a billable basis. The maintenance and repair options associated with a Field Repair match the services of our annual contract.

Phone Support & Technical Support:

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer over the phone technical support free of charge. We encourage our customers to call with any issues they may be experiencing – big or small. Our remote tech support is a viable option for anyone needing additional help with troubleshooting, or potentially experiencing an application issue. Even if you simply need assistance identifying a part number, our support team is here for you.

 OQ / PQ Service for Select Instruments:

Any customer needing to provide proof of maintenance for specific audits, such as the FDA audit, we have an OQ / PQ service offering. This option goes above and beyond a routine manufacture comparison. If Xylem is responsible for maintaining your instrument, we provide requested documentation for specifications, results and necessary pass / fail criteria information. This offering is performed in conjunction with a routine PM.

Xylem is committed to helping our customers maximize the value of their investments in our instrumentation by offering professional technical support and a comprehensive range of services. If you are experiencing immediate issues, we encourage to contact your local support representative as quickly as possible. Visit our website, call us during business hours, send a quick email, or complete a form online. You can reach our Customer Service Department by phone at (800) – 336 – 1911 or (979) – 690 -1711.

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