Xylem Highlights of 2018

At the end of the year, we reflect on moments that, good or bad, changed our lives and shaped the people we are. Business “wins” are definitely wins. However, in my opinion, the most important Xylem victories of 2018 were the ones in which Xylem leadership and employees pooled their resources (technical expertise and talents, equipment, logistical support, money, time, etc.) to make a positive impact in the face of natural disaster and other moments of uncertainty.

Join me in a quick review of some of Xylem’s noteworthy moments in 2018…

Natural Disaster Relief
The number of natural disasters and paralleling tragedies that occurred in 2018 was unreal. While Xylem didn’t have the power to prevent any storm, leadership and employees fully embraced the resources and tools they had to help those suffering from devastation. From manpower to brainpower, time and money, and applicable equipment, Xylem made a significant contribution by helping those affected by storms like hurricanes Florence and Michael, and Typhoon Mangkhut. Learn more about specific instances of Xylem’s disaster relief efforts here.

Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies
As Xylem’s CEO Patrick Decker said, “At Xylem, it’s not just what we do that matters, but how we do it.” Actions speak louder than words, as Xylem’s sustainability efforts landed it in 10th place among Barron’s “100 Most Sustainable Companies” and in 2nd place on Barron’s Special Report: The Most Sustainable Industrials. Learn more here!

Thailand Cave Rescue Effort
The whole world anxiously watched in July as 13 members of the Wild Boar youth soccer team became trapped in a Thailand cave. Xylem lent a helping hand by sending a team of dewatering experts onsite to work with government authorities and local contractors to optimize the pumping operations. Additionally, Xylem equipment was airlifted to the site to further boost the dewatering capacity in case there was increased flooding from monsoon rains before the entire team was safely evacuated from the cave.

Xylem’s efforts quickly caught the attention of the media. Watch the recap of this amazing rescue story here!

FORTUNE’s “Change the World” List
Xylem ranked #7 of 50 companies who were recognized by  FORTUNE for “…using the profit motive to help the planet and tackle social problems.”  Read more about this major accomplishment here.

FORBES’ “JUST 100” List
This month, Xylem received the great honor of being included on FORBES’ JUST 100 America’s Best Corporate Citizens List, a ranking of 100 companies that have made a significant economic and social impact through their core business strategy. Read more about how this list is determined and where Xylem ranked in the mix!

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