How to Overcome Challenges in TOC Determinations of Effluent

Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants are faced with an increasing number of strict demands required by National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for the discharge of treated wastewater into the water cycle. At the same time, they are being challenged to cut costs. Operators and analysts require analytical instrumentation that is robust, easy-to-use, and provides a low cost of ownership, as well as the capability to accurately determine TOC concentration over a wide dynamic range. Accurate and cost-effective effluent analysis is critical to ensure the proper treatment of effluent for a clean, safe water supply.

Join OI Analytical's TOC Product Manager John Welsh, PhD, via recorded webinar as he discusses the difficulties often encountered in industrial and municipal effluent testing, and how new technology for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis can help. Watch the webinar below to understand: 

• Key challenges in today's effluent analysis  
• The value of TOC analysis in meeting effluent analysis needs
• New, robust TOC technology available to provide a cost-effective solution

Interested in learning more about what total organic carbon is and which TOC analysis methodology best fits your application? Watch Dr. Welsh's other webinars: A Comparison of TOC Techniques for the Laboratory and A New Approach to High Salt Samples & TOC Analysis

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