Understanding Xylem Brands

Since OI Analytical officially became a "Xylem brand," there's been some confusion regarding the connection between Xylem Inc., a leading global water company, and OI Analytical. Long story short, Xylem owns five "growth centers" that in some way, shape, or form have an impact on water quality and sustainability, even if the businesses within those centers expand beyond the parameters of water solutions. We fall within Xylem's "Analytics" division, along with several other progressive analytical brands.

Xylem has a large global footprint, serving the agricultural, aquaculture, commercial, environmental, food & beverage, governmental, industrial, public utilities, and residential industries in more than 150 countries. Together, using all our strengths, there is a lot of good we can do.

Sensus, a global leader in smart meters, network technologies, and advanced data analytics solutions for the water industry, has been the most recent company to join Xylem. Xylem Inc., acquired Sensus in 2016 for $1.7 billion cash. Read more about the Sensus acquisition.

For a comprehensive list of all Xylem brands, click here.





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