Laboratory Solutions for Wastewater Applications

Wastewater Solutions from OI Analytical

OI Analytical's Wastewater Solutions 

For years, we have manufactured and designed instrumentation and solutions for water quality monitoring. We offer a range of instrumentation designed for monitoring and testing municipal water. From collection to distribution, we can help you.
We are dedicated to helping you meet your water testing requirements with our superior technology and expertise, and committed to delivering solutions with more impact than ever before. Our products are backed by our technical team with years of experience, and who are committed to helping our customers improve their process. From continuous flow analyzers to TOC Analyzers, there are many options available.
Water Reclamation Solutions from OI Analytical

Water Reclamation

Water reclamation, or water reuse, reclaims water from a variety of sources, treats it, and then reuses it for beneficial purposes – like agriculture irrigation, or groundwater replenishment. A variety of filtration and cleaning steps must occur before the water can be discharged back into the environment. The three major steps include mechanical cleaning, biological cleaning, and chemical cleaning. Respective parameters are measured to ensure accurate process monitoring, and we are proud to offer a variety of instruments that provide configurations for laboratory and process monitoring.

Wastewater Process Solutions from OI Analytical

Process Control

Process control strategies can vary in terms of complexity, and automation. Treatment Plants select their processes based on compliance, operation cost, and water quality measurement parameters. A variety of parameters may be measured to optimize process control, and our instruments can help. We can help you monitor Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Cyanide, Phosphorus to name a few, and can also find alternatives for BOD Testing.

Nutrient & Pollutant Monitoring

Reduction of nutrient pollution levels requires monitoring and control of the major sources of excess nutrients. Monitoring these pollutants is a daunting task due to the variability of samples, and reduction of nutrient pollution levels requires extensive monitoring and control of the major sources of excess nutrients. 

Organic Contamination Analysis

Wastewater treatment plans use the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) test to measure oxygen consumed by decomposition of organic matter in secondary wastewater treatment processes. Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis provides a direct quantitative measurement of organic contamination in water and wastewater, whereas, BOD tests provide an indirect, empirical estimation of organic contamination.