Petroleum Solutions from OI Analytical

Sulfur Detection for Demanding Applications

You can trust OI Analytical for accurate analysis of:

  • Sulfur content in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • COS in ethylene and propylene feedstock
  • Sulfur in natural gas
  • Semiconductor and industrial gas purity
  • Quality control in gas production and blending operations


New and Improved Technology

OI Analytical’s patented* Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) is the key to our success in detecting and measuring sulfur contaminants. Our Model 5383 PFPD has a linear, equimolar response enabling the unique capability to obtain simultaneous sulfur and hydrocarbon chromatograms from a single PFPD detector.

Sulfur in Stealth Mode

Sulfur compounds can be incredibly difficult to detect, causing significant problems if unnoticed. Take propylene, a co-product from steam cracking of ethylene, as an example. Carbonyl sulfide (COS) is a major contaminant in propylene feedstock and can destroy expensive catalyst beds used in polymer production and other processes if not removed.

Petroleum Analysis

At OI Analytical, we understand the ability to detect and measure sulfur contaminants in gases is critical for efficient operation and product quality control. That’s why we’ve been been working with industry experts since the beginning to provide practical laboratory solutions for petroleum analysis. The result: instrumentation built specifically for superior selectivity and sensitivity of sulfur compounds in an array of petroleum products.