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Cyanide Analysis Solutions for Mining

Cyanide Analysis

Measuring cyanide available for leaching precious metal ores containing copper and metallic sulfides is no easy task. As copper complexes with cyanide, it reduces the cyanide available for leaching. Understanding that commonly used titration methods did not present an accurate picture for clear cyanide analysis, OI Analytical designed an instrument using the gas-diffusion amperometry technique. This method has been proven to be free of interferences from copper and metallic sulfides in precious metal solutions, providing the mining industry with a far more reliable solution to cyanide analysis.

Online Monitoring Cuts Costs

OI Analytical’s cyanide analysis solution is the CNSolution™ 9310, an online cyanide analyzer. Continuous monitoring through the online approach enables gold and silver mills to reduce cyanide consumption and operating costs associated with the cyanidation process.

Reliable Data Simply Displayed

Our goal is to help make your cyanide analysis as efficient as possible. One way we achieve that is through providing an instrument that simplifies a very complex process. After a sample is run, its detector response is displayed in real-time as a peak on the touch-screen display and can be output to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.