Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage

Accurate analytical testing is essential to ensuring that food and beverage products consistently meet consumers’ expectations for quality and comply with regulatory standards. A wide variety of sample types are tested for protein, fat, sulfur compounds, TVBN (total volatile nitrogen base), alcohol content, and more. Trusted by companies around the world for accurate, reliable results, OI Analytical offers a complete line of accurate, dependable, cost-effective instrumentation for food and beverage analyses and the expertise to help with challenging samples.

Chemical Contaminants & Food Safety

Though globalization of the food supply chain has expanded markets and given consumers an extensive array of choices, it has also given rise to the need to carefully monitor our food products for chemical contaminants. With an increasing number of imports from countries that have little to no regulation, the need to screen food products for pesticide residues and other contaminants is critical. OI Analytical systems accurately test for a variety of contaminants including:

• Benzene • Organophosphorus Pesticides
• Cyanide • Rodenticides
• Herbicides • Semivolatile Compounds
• Nitrates/Nitrites • Sudan Red Dyes
•Organochlorine Pesticides • Sulfites

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Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Milk and Milk Products Using Cadmium Reduction and FIA with In-line Dialysis per ISO 14673-3

As it is possible for nitrate and nitrite to be introduced to milk and milk products (whey, powdered milk, infant formula, etc.) in the manufacturing process, dairy products should always be tested for these contaminants for QA/QC and for reporting values for exported products. The Flow Solution 3700 automates this labor-intensive chemistry and provides significantly higher sample throughput. 

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HYDROTHERM Completely Automated Acid Hydrolysis

Accurate, Automated Fat Analysis

The automated, easy-to-use HYDROTHERM acid hydrolysis system provides accurate determination of fat content in a wide variety of sample types, including those with low fat content, large sample sizes, and inhomogeneous samples. HYDROTHERM processes 6 samples simultaneously (up to 36 samples per day) and is up to 80% less expensive to run than the conventional, manual process. The easy-to-use software provides precise, documented results. Create your own methods or use the large, pre-configured sample library for out-of-the-box ease that will have your system up and running fast. No fume hood required! 


Analysis of Sulfur Compounds

Sulfur compounds are an important component of flavor analysis because of their unique contribution to the overall taste and aroma in complex mixtures. Trace levels of specific sulfur-containing compounds can impart characteristic pleasant tastes and aromas in coffee and scotch whiskey, while increased concentrations or the absence of selected compounds may be responsible for variations in flavor. However, the presence of sulfur compounds in edible oils, flavors and fragrances can give them undesirable odors and tastes. A GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) system is frequently used to identify the major components in flavors, but is not sensitive enough to differentiate the sulfur compounds at trace levels. However, coupling an OI Analytical 5383 PFPD (Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector) to a GC/MS provides the sensitivity and accuracy needed for the detection of trace levels of sulfur compounds.