Drinking Water

Drinking Water Solutions from OI Analytical

Real-time TOC Results Improve Operating Efficiency 


  • More efficiently manage influent and effluent water streams.
  • Avoid the wide swings in NOM levels and stay in regulatory compliance.
  • Better for the environment and your budget. Contact us to learn how real-time TOC monitoring can help reduce disinfection by-product (DBP) formation and save money.

Cyanide, Nutrient Pollution and More 


We have long been recognized for our expertise in cyanide analysis, but we also offer methods for analyzing a variety of other contaminants including nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, TKN, sulfate, phenol, MBAS, chloride and phosphorus, among others. Our automated wet chemistry analyzer can help you! 

Accurate Results for Critical Water Quality Testing 


OI Analytical’s testing solutions for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), semi volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs), Total Trihalomethanes, pesticides, fuel and other contaminants can help alert you to any problems that arise before they become health or regulatory concerns.

Download the Drinking Water Analysis Guide

The Drinking Water Analysis Guide provides an overview of the drinking water treatment process, US regulations governing water monitoring and a look at the ways OI Analytical is helping facilities monitor critical drinking water sources.

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Drinking Water Analysis

OI Analytical has been a leading provider of instrumentation for drinking water analysis since 1978. We understand the challenges of keeping our drinking water sources clean and safe.  With a history of innovation that includes a TOC analyzer designed for the International Space Station, you can trust that our systems will give you accurate, dependable results for a variety of parameters including total organic carbon (TOC), nutrient analysis, and water quality analysis.

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