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Use the Fibretherm to analyze 12 fiber samples simultaneously, increasing sample throughput, reducing chemical usage, and saving money.

  • Overview

    The new FIBRETHERM standardizes fiber analysis in feedstuffs, making it more economical, precise, and reliable. The system provides accurate, dependable results through a fully automated process for the boiling and filtration steps for determining the crude fiber, ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in animal feeds.

    Gerhardt’s innovative, disposable FibreBag technology optimizes the digestion of the samples and speeds up the washing and filtration processes. FibreBags are nitrogen-free and can be used to determine the level of nitrogen in the fiber fractions.

    The ability of the system to process up to 12 samples simultaneously increases sample throughput while reducing chemical usage and saving money.

    FIBRETHERM Features:

    • Accurately determine crude fiber, ADF, NDF, and ADL fractions in animal feeds
    • Process up to 12 samples simultaneously
    • Reduces chemical usage
    • Easy cleaning
    • Compact footprint saves bench space
    • Stores up to 10 methods
    • Quick and safe filtration

  • Specifications
    General Specifications  
    Hotplate Infrared glass ceramic
    Capacity boiling vessel 1 1,8 l
    Cooling water connection 2 x 3/4 Inch thread
    Cooling water pressure 0,5 - 10 bar
    Cooling water consumption ca. 5 l/min
    Compressed air pressure 4 - 5 bar
    Nominal voltage 230 VAC
    Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
    Nominal wattage 1900 W
    Interface 2 x RS 485
    Dimensions W / D / H 340 / 640 / 860 mm
    Weight ca. 42 kg
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