Exclusive Event: DUMATHERM N-Pro Demo

Gerhardt Dumatherm Combustion Analyzer

Take your laboratory to the next level with the Dumatherm® N-Pro Combustion Analyzer

The DUMATHERM® N-Pro Combustion Analyzer uses all of the advantages of the Dumas combustion method and enables labs to analyze a wide range of samples. DUMATHERM® reduces analysis time to 3 minutes or less and 98% time savings compared to Kjeldahl.

Learn more about our fully-automated combustion analyzer, that can deliver results within 3 minutes!

Why Should I Register?

Our live demonstration is designed to showcase the ease of operation and analysis. Come learn from our experts about the versatility of DUAMTHERM®, and the engineering behind it! From sample preparation to analyzing results, our team of experts are dedicated to demonstrating the entire process an answering any questions you may have – don’t miss out! 

What Will I Learn?

So much! It will be an hour packed FULL of knowledge! Our experts performing a full, and complete demonstration! At this virtual demo, we will expand on the benefits of completely automating your laboratory and what advantages automation brings to the food beverage laboratories. 

  1. The benefit laboratory automation & the advantages of having a fully-automated combustion analyzer in a food and beverage laboratory 
  2. Our team of experts will provide a complete demonstration - from sample preparation to analyzing results -- of the DUMATHERM® analyzer, an in-depth explanation of the engineering behind the equipment and our highly-efficient consumables!
  3. Learn all about the unique product feature that sets DUMATHERM® apart from the competition and learn about different ways to achieve maximum life from your lab products! 

Who Should Register?

Anyone who wants to learn more! But, you may find this demonstration particularly useful if you are an engineer, operator, instrument technician, or laboratory supervisor! 

Can't make it to the live demo?

Register anyway! The demo will be recorded and available on request.