Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus

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Use Gerhardt's Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus as a traditional, yet reliable method for determining fat through HCI hydrolysis.

  • Overview

    Traditional apparatus for HCI hydrolysis for fat determination using the Weibull-Stoldt or Weibull-Berntrop method. 

    Serial heating unit featuring 6 individually adjustable heaters with glass condenser attachments, ring-shaped supports, tube connections and 1000-mL glass beakers. 

    Also includes filter frame with funnels, folded filters, boiling stones and a 1 L polyethylene wash bottle.

    Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus Features:

    • Six individually adjustable heaters
    • Includes glass condenser attachments, ring-shaped supports, tube connections and 1000-mL glass beakers

    Available Accessories:

    Glass beaker, 1000ml, without spout
    Spherical condenser, for RF 16 and HY 16, glass
    Soft polyethylene bottle, narrow neck, 1000 ml, w/o cap
    Folded Filter, HYDROTHERM, Ø 240 mm, 100 pcs
    Boiling stones Typ A, 250 g
    *More consumables and accessories available upon request. 

    Cost-effective and compact, the TURBOSOG can also be used with the KJELDATHERM and TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems.

  • Specifications
    General Specifications  

    HY 16/6

    Max. temperature [°C] 425
    Heating places 6
    Size of flasks [ml]  250,500
    Dimensions W / D / H [mm] 900 / 225 / 340
    Weight [kg] 21
    Nominal voltage [V] 230 / 115
    Frequency [Hz] 50 - 601]
    Nominal wattage [W] 2700

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