Analytical Challenges of Tobacco and Nicotine Testing

While the Federal regulations surrounding tobacco and nicotine product remain in constant flux, analytical laboratories within the tobacco and nicotine space will continue to face challenges in producing reliable data for regulatory compliance. Learn how Xylem Lab Solutions can help provide solutions to these analytical challenges! Read the Full Story

Dairy Products: Healthy vs. Health Risk?

While dairy isn’t essential for your diet, it serves as a good source of vitamins and proteins to keep our bodies healthy. There are different elements in dairy products that help regulate our bodies, like Nitrate or Nitrite. However, too much can cause health issues and actually be bad for our bodies. Read the Full Story

3 Common Tests to Determine Organic Pollution in Wastewater

Wastewater treatment facilities are reliant on biological processes to break down a wide variety of organics to keep them functional. Learn from Xylem Lab Solutions how they use these processes to convert wastewater and sewage into effluent and safely return the product to the water cycle with minimal impact to the environment. Read the Full Story

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