9210e Online TOC Analyzer

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Based off the Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) used by NASA in 2008 to recycle water in the space station, the 9210e TOC Analyzer was specifically engineered to quickly, efficiently, and remotely monitor water quality in process environments using electrochemical oxidation.

  • Overview

    The 9210e Online TOC Analyzer is specifically engineered for operation in process environments. Instrument calibration is accomplished in minutes using a simple protocol. 9210e TOC analyzers maintain excellent long-term calibration stability providing accurate and dependable data with minimal maintenance. Its “reagentless” electrochemical oxidation technique continuously monitors the total organic carbon level in process water streams allowing for rapid adjustment of the treatment process to more precisely control coagulation, flocculation, and formation of disinfection by-products, helping facilities stay in compliance and reduce costs.

    9210e Features:

    • Continuous, real-time TOC monitoring
    • Employs state-of-the-art electrochemical oxidation technology
    • Maintains excellent long-term calibration stability, providing accurate and dependable data with minimal maintenance
    • Simple – A large, touchscreen display, paired with an easy-to-use interface, simplifies set-up and access to data, trending, and diagnostic screens

  • Specifications
    General Specifications  
    Operating Principle Electrochemical oxidation
    Measurement Technique Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection
    Measurement Ranges (ppm) 0.100 to 25-ppm carbon
    Calibration 2 point (KHP two standards)
    Measurement Accuracy +10%
    Sample Introduction 
    Continuous Online or Manual Sipper Mode
    Sample Processing / Analysis Time 5 to 10 minute intervals
    Operating Environment 5 – 45 °C, up to 90% humidity (non-condensing)
    Operator Interface Windows® CE-based, color touchscreen display
    Reagents Required Phosphoric acid for TIC removal
    Gas Requirements < 200 mL/min. 99.99% N2 or CO2-free air
    Power Requirements 24VDC (Optional 24VDC power supply allows operation with 90-250VAC 50/60Hz source)
    Input Relays 2 (remote start, remote stop)
    Output Relays 2 (system alarm, sample alarm)
    Analog Outputs 2 4-20mA (User-configurable concentrations)
    Data Export To PC via Ethernet, or using a USB memory stick
    (Microsoft® Excel®-ready .csv file format)
    Instrument Enclosure NEMA 4X / IEC Class IP-56
    External Dimensions 48.3 cm H x 31.1 cm W x 31.1 cm D
    (19 in H x 12.25 in W x 12.25 in D)
    Weight 11 kg (24 lbs)
    Certifications CE, EMC EN50082-1, and EN 55011 Group 1 Class A

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