4450 Tandem PID/FID

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Experience the convenience and flexibility of the Model 4450 Tandem Photoionization Detector/Flame Ionization Detector (PID/FID): a patented combination gas chromatography (GC) detector incorporating the Model 4430 PID and Model 4410 FlD.

  • Overview

    Our dynamic duo Model 4450 Tandem PID/FID offers the goodness of two detectors packed into one convenient instrument. Together, the detectors produce simultaneous chromatograms for aromatics and aliphatics, eliminating the need for separate analysis.

    Tandem PID/FID Features:

    • Patented design uses only one GC detector port
    • Tandem design acquires two simultaneous chromatograms from a single injection
    • Elimination of transfer lines between detectors improves peak shape and performance
    • System uses GC electronics or OI Analytical’s dual channel electrometer

  • Specifications
    4450 Specifications  
    Weight 3 kg (5.5 lb)
    Patent The 4450 Tandem PID/FID is protected under U.S. Patent number 4,804,846.


    4430 FID Specifications  
    Dynamic Range >106
    Minimum Detection Limit  <40 pg benzene (Based on the USEPA minimum detection limit protocol. Several factors including GC, column, and compound class can affect performance.)
    Maximum Operating Temperature 250 °C
    Materials of Construction  
    Inlet Glass-lined stainless steel
    Ion Chamber Gold-plated stainless steel
    Vent Controlled by GC external events relay
    Detector Volume Approximately 50 µL
    Lamp Current 0–1.60 mA in 0.15 mA steps
    PID Sweep Gas Hydrogen (99.999% purity), 35 ±3 mL/min flow rate
    PID Makeup Gas Nitrogen or Helium (99.999% purity), 20 ±5 mL/min flow rate
    Controller Dimensions 14.74 cm H x 7.05 cm W x 23.08 cm D
    (5.75" H x 2.75" W x 9.0" D)

    4410 FID Specifications  
    Dynamic Range >106
    Minimum Detection Limit  5 pg carbon/second propane
    Maximum Linear Level 100 µg
    Maximum Operating Temperature 270 °C
    Jet Tip 0.30 mm I.D. (0.012")
    Materials of Construction  
    Jet Glass-lined stainless steel
    Collector Stainless steel
    FID Air Air (dry, best available purity), 170 ±15 mL/min flow rate

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