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  ISO Certificate
  Eclipse Air-Tube Desorber
Complies with USEPA Compendium Air-Tube methodology
Single-position option for operating on the Eclipse Sample Concentrator
Inert sample pathway
Glass or glass-lined stainless steel Air-Tube construction for maximum recovery
Desorption temperatures to 350 °C
Air, water, and soil analysis on the same instrument
Compatible with commercially-available, prepacked ¼" or 6-mm air tubes
The Air-Tube Desorber Accessory provides an economical means of diversifying into air toxics analysis using the Eclipse 4660 Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator. Installing the Air-Tube Desorber on the sample concentrator's front panel is as easy as replacing a sparge vessel. The Air-Tube Desorber adds the flexiblity of running air samples to an instrument that already processes water, soils, and solids. Standard thermal desorption systems do not possess this level of flexibility.

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